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TTT-forging; It was established in 2014 in Konya Organized Industrial Zone with the aim of meeting its own steel forging needs in Automotive Sub-Industry products.


About Us

TTT-forging was established in Konya´s Industrial Zone in 2014 in order to meet its own steel forging demands for the automotive aftermarket products. Besides the automotive industry, our company, operates in other industrial areas for steel and aluminum forging. With an experienced and professional team, TTT-forging follows technological developments closely and provides customer oriented service for all manufacturing processes.

Our Vision

To be a global company which satisfies all of its shareholders.

To catch a positive growth and be the global leader in its own field of business.

By bringing our difference forward, speeding up our progress.

By providing the best products in the most reasonable conditions, ensuring to be the essential brand of the world.

By giving more than expected in the business to be conducted, to experience the highest level of the environment of trust.

To be able to become a global company where all of the suppliers, clients and workers would be satisfied.

Our Mission

As a global company, by being open to innovations and advancements and by using our resources in an efficient and effective manner, by being conscious towards the environment and the human, our mission is, within the scope of international standards, to provide quality, economic products, which exceed the expectations of clients.

Our Quality Policy

Our goal is to produce reliable and endurable products beyond the expectations of our customers, by aiming the perfection in our operations. To this end, we apply and follow international standards on our competence, products and processes, and continuously improve our quality management system. We aim to become the pioneer in our country in Caliper Kits and Caliper Repair Kits to become the business partner that is desired by our customers in the international market.

Through our constant technological investments and research and development activities, we enhance our production efficiency and competition capacity each day and use our resources in a more effective way. To do so, we handle even the smallest non-conformities and monitor our processes with data, and in order to make customer satisfaction constant, we assess the changing expectations of our customers and we ensure the rapid spread from senior management to the lowest.

We attach great importance to creating a safe and secure business environment that is a home for many happy employees. In order to enable everyone engaged in our organization to have a higher level of competency, knowledge, and skills, we create and promote training opportunities constantly. We encourage innovative and creative opinions.

We act with the awareness that we can achieve the success that we aim for, with long-term strategic business partnerships in integrity with our, customers and suppliers, in terms of internal and external issues.

For our customers, suppliers and employees, as a key to achieve the quality targets of TTT-auto we fulfill our responsibilities and undertake to be in the effort of “CONSTANT DEVELOPMENT” in compliance with all principles, laws and regulations.





Aluminum Forging

• Our company produces aluminum parts in different sizes and tolerances between 0.2 kg and 15 kg for Automotive Sub-Industry, Defense Industry, Construction and Machinery Industry sectors.

Steel Forging

• Our company produces steel parts between 0.2 kg and 40 kg in different lengths and tolerances for Automotive Sub-Industry, Defense Industry, Construction Industry, Train and Rail Systems, Agriculture Industry and Machinery Industry sectors.

Bronze Forging

• Our company produces bronze parts between 0.2 kg and 5 kg in different lengths and tolerances for Automotive Sub-Industry, Defense Industry, Construction Industry, Train and Rail Systems, Agriculture Industry and Machinery Industry sectors.

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